About Coach Champ

What role did basketball play in your life?

Basketball is in my blood…I was born to play!!! I played basketball every day from the time I was about 5 years old. When I was around 10 years old I had a realization, it was then that I had a serious talk with myself concerning what I wanted to do after graduating from high school. I realized that my options were slim, in fact I felt I had only two options. One was to go into the military. I knew even then that wasn’t an option for me because I didn’t like to be yelled at. The other option was to go to college. I also realized that my parents didn’t necessarily have the money to send me to college so I made up my mind at that young age to work hard in the classroom, to get all A’s, stay on the straigt and narrow, and also to follow my passion and work hard in basketball.

I was lucky enough to know at an early age that the only way to get better was through hard work and practice. I needed to do both so I could obtain a full basketball scholarship. I committed myself daily to that plan throughout my childhood and adolescence until my efforts were rewarded when I graduated with honors from high school with a 3.6 GPA and receiving a full division 1 basketball scholarship to the University of Maine. After my sophomore year at the University of Maine I transferred to Holy Cross College where I graduated with a B.A. degree in Sociology.

What are some of your achievements in H.S. and College?

In high school I was 1st team All City, 1st team All Western Mass., 1st team All State, Western Mass. Playoff MVP, and Lahovich Award winner which is given to the best high school basketball player in Western Massachusetts. I averaged 21 points per game my senior year. I am an inductee of the Western Massachusetts High School Sports Hall of Fame.

In college I was a two time ECAC player of the week recipient. I was voted to the All-Tournament Teams of the Shawmut Worcester Classic and a University of Montana Tournament. I am also a former 1984 Boston Celtic draft choice.


What teams have you played for professionally?

I played professional basketball overseas for almost 20 years in the countries of Venezuela, Spain, Chile and Colombia. I am known worldwide as a prolific scorer. During my international career as a professional basketball player I averaged over 30 points per game with a career high of 60 points in a single game.

What teams have you’ve coached?

On the high school level I have coached at Springfield Central High School in Springfield, Massachusetts. On the professional level I have coached in the Professional Basketball League of Venezuela.

Why do you want to help the youth in the Archer Schools community?

little league picI am extremely passionate about working with the youth in the Archer Schools community because many children are lost! A lot of youth come from single parent households and lack a strong male figure in their lives. Many children sit around texting and or just playing video games most of the time. Others want to play basketball or are playing basketball but lack the fundamentals to take their game to the next level.

There are programs available but in my humble opinion they are all lacking in various aspects. I see a tremendous need to have a comprehensive basketball program and this is what I feel I have to offer! I love coaching as well as teaching the game of basketball at all levels. I just want to give players the opportunity that I had growing up and to help them develop as players as well as becoming productive members of society!!!